FX Trading N Brokering

Currency Sale and SWAP Brokering

At JWT Corp., we are pleased to offer currency trading Services

What We offer : -  We have agreements with various Currency Exchange and trading houses., in ASIA and EU which will allow us to negotiate Currency transfer deals from one point to another using SWAPS, Derivatives and pips for our clients. We can arrange for Currency SWAPS and Transfers from Base currency to Base or 2nd or 3rd Currency in Settlement in split or Single SWAPS. 

We offer SWAPS only  for clients who can offer full assistance for due dilligence and the funds that have a history of clean money and legal tender. Talk to us to your requirement for SWAPS and we will be able to submit an offer for your evaluations, subject to funds being clean.

Following Currencies are offeres for SWAP - RMB, CNY, HKD, EURO, GBP and other Asian Currencies. All SWAPS are brokered in line with local legislative laws including Tax Compliance where required.

FOREX Trading
We also trade on MT4 Platform various Forex using our own proprietary software for which we offer excellent returns with profit share on a 50/50 basis for client and JWT Corp.
Minimum Investment : 100,000 EURO / USD
Return Minimum 30% per month.
Term :6 to 12 months.
Jurisdiction : Australian Securities and Investment Comission

Limit to 6 Clients per month.

NB. We do not solicit Clients for Forex trading, You must be referred from one of our existing or Previous Clients as the trading is done in clients name and account linked to our software.