From Handy to VLGC Carriers

JWT Corp Is happy to secure for qualified clients LPG / LNG tankers on spot / Voyage or TC basis.

LPG / LNG tankers are a specialised market and one needs the expertise to handle these type of requuirement. There is a serious vetting process to acquire these tankers for either spot or TC. JWT Corp has fixed vessels for Clients to ship Cargo from US to China, Iran to China/ India , Australia to Various South East Asia Countries, Qatar to India

Clients who wish to charter LPG / LNG tankers must prepare themselves with a propery corporate profile and supportive financial documents to have a sucessful outcome in this tightly controlled market. We can help you do the same to secure the vessel for project on a consultancy basis.

JWT Corp offers Chartering solutions such as Single Voyage, Consectuve Voyage, Trip Charter, Time Charter and COA (Contracts of Affreightments).

JWt Corp aim is to assist our clients with their requirements irrespective of the Size and offer them flexible options given the current market Scenario. Our Experts will be happy to discuss your requirements in confidential.

Feel free to speak with us your requirements and we will be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

Email : gascarrier@jinsuworldwide.com