Seafood Trading

" SAM SEAFOODS  A 100% Subsidiary of JWT Corp.,"

The seafood trading division of Jinsu Worldwide Trading Corp., was set up in 1994 to handle the growing need of seafood trading from India. This division engages mainly in the business of seafood trading and also representing buyers from overseas to look after their growing import requirement. As International seafood becomes more competitive in the global market the need to maintain regular supply as well as quality has become one of the primary issues among the overseas seafood importers. This is where this division has excelled in the past years.

In the last few years., we moved our seafood marketing to a seperate division, Called "SAM Seafood" under our 100% subsdiary. 

Trading Frozen seafoods with  "South America, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Madagaskar, Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, France, Spain, Scotland, United Kingdom, Yeman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Taiwan,"

We are one of the Oldest Seafood Trading Company in South East Asia, with offices in Singapore, India and USA.  Our Main focus is to source seafoods for our customers in OEM Consumer pack or in BULk for local market re-distribution.

With annual tunrover of 16.8 million Singapore Dollar, we welcome genuine trade enquiries. We guarantee the Best Quality with market based realistic price.

We " Accept payment in RMB, Singapore Dollar,  Hong Kong Dollar, JPY, AED, Euro " apart from the usual market dominant USD currency when it comes to invoicing. Talk to us to structure your payment in local currency for your imports.  We have partnered with to provide our clients the best rates for shipping to various destinations.

IF you would like to distribute your products thru our company., please feel free to contact us.

View our product list for more information on our current offerings and feel free to send us your genuine enquiry with indicative prices.

What Makes JWT Corp., different from other Seafood Trading Companies? We offer a wide range of services to our customers. They are mainly divided into 3 categories.

1. Negotiation stage. At this stage we negotiate for the best rates against the best available credit period on L/c basis. Since we are well associated with most of the EU certified exporters, we always offer the best price along with the best assortment.

2. Processing stage . During this period, we detain our supervisor in the factory to inspect the cargo during processing. We believe quality maintenance begins at the process stage and not just a survey at the loading stage.

3. Shipment Stage. During this time we make sure that the cargo is loaded on time and the temp is maintained for the cargo during the loading and other.

We are open for business negotiations and always-welcome new suggestions from our overseas existing customer’s as well new and prospective clients who would like to enjoy our services. We hope that you too enjoy our professional services and we welcome you to the world of JINSU WORLDWIDE TRADING Corp. where as a customer you comes first .

Join our Team.

If you would like to join our team as a Trader., Send us your resume to our Singapore office. We offer Bank Limit for qualified traders for LC opening for trading in various markets. To Join the team., you need to have a qualified experience with proper reference in the market.  INTERESTED ??? , Speak with our Singapore office by email.