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Our Founder

JWT Corp Was founded by Mr. Daniel in 1994., today the corporation is under the Board of Directors who direct the Team and its management in its Day to day operations.

Under his able leadership the corporation progressed business from trading to Shipping,Ecommecre and beyond. Mr. Daniel Heads the New Business Development Team now with active search for profitable new Ventures. Mr. Daniel., Spends most of his time between, Singapore and Hong Kong Offices. 

He Believes in the Policy of "Money Talks - BullShit Walks" . Mr. Daniel Does not trust certain Nationality People and you will know it when he talks to you.

At JWT Corp., We are a team of highly qualified individuals who specialise in each field of trade from ShipBrokering to Trading, Technology to Commodities Trading

We have several years of Experience in both Local and International Trade and we excel in each of these activities. Whether you are looking to source raw materials or securing new resources or looking to fund your new projects., we have the right connection to help you succeed. From bankers to Institutional funders., we help you achieve your goal by optimising your requirement with minimal time on research and higher output.

We would like to emphasis that our preferred currency of trade are Euro, AED, SGD and HKD.

Speak to us and find the difference.